Day 2 – Jerusalem & the Over Zealous Tour Guide

Day 2 – 1/7/12 Saturday

I slept like a baby last night and woke up at 5am in the morning, I’m not really sure what I should do so I started writing in my note book journal. Today we’re going to Jerusalem and get all the site seeing done with in one day before the academia starts.

Went down to breakfast at 7am with Nikhil and had our free breakfast, it was DELICIOUS!!! I will never forget this breakfast from the Dizengoff Suites Hotel, we had three options and I went with the Israeli breakfast and it was scrambled eggs with salad, and toast with 4 types of spread, cheese, tuna, a sort of cream cheese (but better), and red peppers. It was decadent, I will endeavor to order this every morning!

We than ran to our bus, and arrived at the Dan Hotel, where we met our tour guide for Jerusalem, Miri. Miri took us too many beautiful sites in Jerusalem so that we could take all our pictures from the highest and all seeing parts if New Jerusalem.

We than proceeded to a museum in which everyone, including the professors were baffled as to why she spent over an hour going over a city replica of Jerusalem when we could just go inside and see all the historical places.

We finally went in we saw the old markets, Jaffa gates,

We ate at this local place that could barely fit the class, we had to sit back to back with no room to breathe but the Hummus we good, the chicken and rice even better


Church of the Holy Sepulchre,

and the Western Wall (couldn’t take pictures in the Western Wall but here are some pics from the top). We saw many historically important parts and architecture in Jerusalem but I will probably never fully recall all those places.

The ride home was long and tiring, an point my classmates were making on the ride back

I ended the night with some Israeli Pizza Hut and it was good and all but I have to add they have NO MEAT! on their pizzas and no options to add only vegetables, and no chicken sides, even though their not a kosher restaurant the whole nation reflects the influence of Judaism in the culture and food.

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Day 1 – Entrance to Israel, Tel Aviv

Day 1 – 1/6/12

Just got off the longest plane ride of my life, for 10 hours I had the pleasure of being unable to sleep and feeling like a fat guy in a child’s seat.

We finally got off and my first impression was that Ben Gurion  Airport was much smaller than what I expected, but it was very open they had windows everywhere and had an interesting circular design.

My first impression of Israel was that it was still developing, I had sort expected either a metropolitan city like the US, or developing like what you would see in the less developed parts of China. It was more like China to me, there weren’t too many structures on the road and all the cars I saw were cars you would have seen in the US 10 or 20 years ago. It made me realize why the term/name Start-up Nation was an accurate name for Israel. My first impression of Tel Aviv at Dizengoff was sort of disappointing, I expected more skyscrapers and tech buildings everywhere.

But what made it a real bummer was that becasue it was Shabbot everything except AM-PM were closed. AM-PMs are the equivalent of an 7/11 in the states. So there wasn’t really much to do, except eat and buy groceries.

Prof. Bauchenheimer introduced us to the Kliens, Eric and his wife. Eric was an Pace Alumni from back in the day and moved to Israel to start a family with his native Israeli wife. He is the contact that introduced us to Better Place and a few other companies. We had dinner at a very hip looking seafood restaurant. It was surprisingly cold in Israel that night so we ate inside and the pasta was delicious, and the wine seemed fine, but according to the wind connoisseurs Prof. Kessler and Mr. Klien  the wine was delicious.

Afterward I wandered Dizengoff St. and went to sleep early, my roommate Nikhil Kalyankar, grad student was nice enough to let me claim the small bedroom and he got the queen bed in the living room.

My overall impression of Israel that night was that it was a lot like the US but still a very developing nation.





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