Day 9 – Farewell Israel

Day 9 – 1/14/12 Saturday,

A small group of us went with Prof. Kessler to walk along the beach and get our last look of Israel and the beautiful sites it had to offer. We ate at the Ben the Fishers restaurant, the food there was decadent and rich, the bread spreads were wide in variety and delicious.  some random observations I’ve made in Tel Aviv was that people were able to park their car anywhere and the cops didn’t seem to care too much at all. I mentioned prior about the stray cats littering the streets, heres a fun picture of a cat and police partnership.

The recycling program in Tel Aviv is quite unique and only possible because of the people and small population of Tel Aviv

We than packed our bags in the hotel and decided to keep exploring the city prior to heading back to the airport. The beach was beautiful.

The rest of the day was sipping a drink watching the sun go down, apparently Carlsberg “probably has the best beer in the world.”

It was a great way to end our stay in Tel Aviv, Israel. Slow, peaceful and enjoyable.


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