Day 8 – Brunch

Day 8 – 1/13/12 Friday,

Today we were given more time to get ready and wake up. The majority of the class headed out for brunch at 10am with the professors and walked to the harbor. There we went to a restaurant to have brunch with Pace Alumni s who live in Israel. We met 4 alumni, one of whom was the 4th highest ranking general in Israel’s IDF, in command of the Gaza Strip. He was very friendly and courteous to us the students. though we didn’t talk much to the other alumni they all introduced their job status and their current start-ups they were working on or beginning.

After the brunch Professor Kessler rounded up a group of students and we hiked through rain, wind, and hail towards Jaffa, the city. when it wasn’t raining or hailing the walk was beautiful

At Jaffa we headed towards an award winning Hummus restaurant, I found their Hummus and bread to be better than their main course meals of sea food and fish.

It was raining too much with too much wind so we unceremoniously grabbed two cabs and rode back to our hotels in comfort.

My roommate and I decided to go and check out the Becki Bar that the student Uri from Tel Aviv University owned, it was a nice spot with decent priced drinks and may I add it was extremely popular. An interesting thing I learned about Israeli night life was that the bars and clubs their have an age limit either people under or over a certain age are not allowed in according to the place’s unique setting and vibes.

Goodnight Israel.


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