Day 7 – Last day of School

Day 7 – 1/12/12 Thurseday

Today was the last day of the academia for our trip we started off by visiting Carmel Ventures a venture capital company. Carmel Ventures specialized with technological start-ups, the management team of Carmel Ventures all specialized and had been involved in technological start-ups.

We were than dropped off for lunch in the mall near a board walk. For the next hour we spent wandering the waterside, and eating at a waterside restaurant. I didn’t mention this before but there are a lot of cats in Israel random strays that just hang around the water and relax in the streets.

We than attended a class at Tel Aviv University taught by Ayla Matalon. The two guest speakers were Prof. Bachenheimer and Dr. Ed Mlavsky. It was interesting but nothing new, we did mingle with the students at the university and I befriended two Israeli students Uri & Shir both were in their late 20’s because of the years they spent in the military. Uri actually owned a bar that was an local hot spot and he invited us to come for a drink later.

The rest of the day was spent in lazy bliss with my computer. I decided to try Israeli McDonalds before I left so I traveled a long distance and acquired my prize. It was simply McDonalds just a little less grease, if any-ones interested I would say it taste more like Burger King than McDonald’s.


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