Day 6 – The Day of Lamb and Rice

Day 6 – 1/11/12 Wednesday,

We visited the Ashkelon Water Desalinization Plant, the world’s second largest plant. It was built with an 25 year Build Operate Transfer (BOT) contract, its currently privatized for 25 years but at the end of 2027 the ownership of the plant will be given to the Israeli Government. The two owners of the company are Veolia Environment & IDE Technology (Israeli company), the plant is able to desalinize 125,000 cubic meters of water a year, the hope for Israel is that in the future 80% of the water from Israel will come from desalinization, currently Israel gets most of their water from the Sea of Galilee, but too much usage will drain the sea thus Israel is in need of a new source of water.

Our Guide (left) – Myself (right)

We than had the most delicious meal of the whole trip, lamb over rice, with a full round of appetizers of salad, hummus and bread. It was incredibly rich and filling,

We than met Ormat Industries a 47 years old Amatitlan Geothermal energy company, founded with the intention of helping Israel less dependent on oil and to find alternative energy sources, with push from Ben Gurion. They also run an vocational school to help teens and students able to enter the technological job market.

We than ran into the coolest company OBJET, a 3D printing company. They showed us their end products and how these amazing printers were able to print detailed real life products, the printers printed a layer of 16 microns a pass, to give an comparison a single hair on a human head is 96 microns.

Seeing is believing

They also gave us a present to take home with us.

That night we visited the MIT Forum in which Ayla Matalan and Prof. Bachenheimer was a guest speaker, the topic being “What you don’t learn in school.”


That was the end of the night for myself.


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