Day 5 – The Day of Discussion & Shopping

Day 5 – 5/10/11 Tuesday

Today we started our early morning with a visit to Chiasma where Fred Price was CEO he was gracious enough to ensure that we not only met his company but 3 others as well as a high level investor. We met Galit Zuckerman CEO & founder of Medasense Biometrics, she discovered a way to measure pain using a finger like apparatus. Following met Exalenz which is a medical device company that uses non-invasive test to do diagnosis and evaluation of people and certain problems or conditions they may have, This company brought out the most interest in the students and I personally believe will change the entire US medical market. The funniest and memorable presentation was from Commwell R&D founded by Dr. Daniel David, he invented and created the home self tests which enable people to get medical care from home which was the similar if not the same level of medical treatment received at a hospital. Finally we saw the presentation from the Chiasma representative and was allowed a tour of their facility, and we got to see the lab rats.

We than visited Omrix an subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, it was impressive. The head of the department their was a Scottish man who was running the Israeli subsidiary. He thoroughly explained the chain of companies and how Johnson & Johnson managed and operated their 7 different companies. He also gave an honest explanation of the pros and cons of running an Israeli subsidiary, he explained the benefit of having the innovative Israeli’s working for Johnson & Johnson but also the restrictions of working with the religious systems set in play of Israel, where they could only manufacture 5 to 6 days a week instead of a full 7 day output. Their new invention the Fibrin Pad will completely revolutionize the medical market.

We than had shawarma, from a local spot, it was quite filling.

We than visited Jerusalem where me, Nikhil, & Henry were allowed 3 hours to explore the old city market of Jerusalem. We barely bought anything but we were able to really explore and see the old market without being restricted with a large tour group. I headed home and passed out to prepare for the next day of learning.


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