Day 4 – Sleep Apneia

Day 4 – 1/9/12 – Monday

Today tried something a little different and got the “Healthy Breakfast” which was yogurt and granola with fresh fruits and honey to top it off, Israel is called the land of milk and honey. It was fresh and vitalizing if not filling.

Today we went to see Itmar Medical in which they’ve invented something called the Watch Pad which detects sleep apenie in people simply by attaching a apparatus on a patient’s hand and is painless and simple. A device people could take and use at home, which is light years ahead of the current tests used in the US, where patients have to try and sleep in a medical room where they are being observed, uncomfortable.

What was interesting about Itmar was the insight the CEO gave us into the Israeli’s perspective of China and India aka Chindia and the US market about the bureaucracy plaguing our  health care system. Ayla Matalon attended the meeting with us today and she brought a pill cam with her which is one of the leading medical innovations from Israel. Just to make sure I don’t forget Ayla Matalon was Prof. Bauchenheimer’s contact in Israel, she helped us set up and make a lot of the meetings in Israel.

We followed that visit with a trip to ISCAR the GM of Israel. I call them that because ISCAR is a focal point of Israeli’s culmination of Israeli entrepreneurship and success. They are one of the few companies in Israel that are still partially owned by an Israeli and a real leader not only in innovation but size in the global market. The family that founded and to this day manages ISCAR is the richest family in Israel.

The day ended with some light rain and dark clouds and my bed.



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